iTero Intraoral Scanners and T-Scan

iTero Scanner

One of the latest trends in dental technology that we utilize at our practice is the iTero Intraoral Scanner. This scanner is used to make 3-D images of your teeth to help produce a complete and detailed model of your mouth. This helps us to accurately understand your dental situation and plan your treatment accordingly.

The iTero scanner is composed of a large wand that we will guide slowly around your teeth. It quickly takes detailed photos of each tooth and creates a total comprehensive model of all of your mouths which is projected on a monitor. In the past, impressions like this were made out of a putty-like material that was placed in your mouth to make a mold. This process was time-consuming, uncomfortable, and overall far less accurate than the iTero method.

In our office, we use an iTero scanner for restorative dentistry as well as Invisalign treatment. The accuracy of iTero greatly streamlines dental treatment and allows us to give you the best care quickly and with fewer appointments, making it overall more convenient for you.

At our practice, we are proud to use the iTero scanner because it is one of the very best diagnostic tools on the market. It allows us to diagnose you quickly and accurately and helps us to guarantee that you are getting the best possible treatment.


Another innovative advancement in dental technology that we use in our office is the T-Scan System. The T-Scan is an occlusal analysis system that specializes in measuring the bite force of your jaw. This tool helps us to better understand how your bite is impacting your jaw and to prematurely identify any issues this may cause.

T-scan is unlike technology before it because of its intense precision and accuracy. With this technology, we can monitor the changes in your bite over time, preserve your dentistry be eliminating excessive bite force, and help to further educate you on your dental situation.

The tool itself is a handheld wand that projects its findings onto a screen so that we can show you exactly what we are seeing. It uses an ultra-thin intraoral sensor which we connect to the wand and place in your mouth. As you bite down, T-scan will note the force, timing, and location of your bite.

As a practice, we are dedicated to serving you in the best ways possible. This is why we are proud to utilize technology like the T-scan. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact our office today.