Digital X-Ray

One of the innovative technologies that we utilize is our digital X-ray machine. Digital dental X-rays are completely transforming the way that we can look at your teeth. They are overall more efficient and safer for you as the patient than traditional X-ray technology.

What are digital x-rays?

A digital X-ray, also known as digital radiography, is a new and advanced version of X-ray imaging. It uses digital sensors as opposed to the traditional photographic film. These sensors are carefully connected to a computer and then placed in your mouth. Once exposed, the sensor instantly produces or displays the image of your teeth onto a screen. Because it is instantaneous, results can be analyzed right there at your appointment. The imaging is clear and concise and can be archived for your dental records.

Why do I need digital x-rays?

Standard tooth examinations don’t give us a clear view of all the different parts of your mouth. Digital X-rays enable us to see and observe small cavities, especially those developing in-between your teeth and other surfaces that are hard to see.

This technology allows us to catch problems early. For instance, cavities can be detected and treated much more early on. We are also able to see a bone loss, which can be otherwise hard to detect until it is in it’s advanced and painful stages. With these scans, we are able to examine both your maxilla and mandible for abnormalities and associated unusual growths.  One of the biggest advantages of digital x-rays is that they cut down on the amount of radiation that you are exposed to during your exam.

Digital x-rays are one of the many tools we use to give you fast, safe, and efficient care.