Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you suffer from tooth decay and cavities, you may need a filling. A filling will help to restore your tooth and to mitigate any damage done from decay. It can help to bring back your original tooth shape and restore its natural function.

To give you a filling, we will first remove any decay from your tooth. We will then clean the area, and fill up the empty cavity with the filling. This will help to close off parts of the tooth so that bacteria cannot re-enter, preventing further damage.

There are a few different options for materials that can be used for a filling. Gold, porcelain, amalgam, and composite resin are all used to help with fillings.

What is composite resin?

Composite resin, or tooth-colored fillings, are what we use at our practice. This is simply because it is the same color as your teeth, which restores and maintains your smiles natural and healthy appearance. When using composite resin, the materials are mixed and placed inside of the cavity-removed tooth where they will harden.

Composite resin can stain and chip like your natural teeth, which is why it is important to properly brush and care for your fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are durable and can be long-lasting if properly cared for. They are strong and will allow you to chew food just as your regular teeth would.

What are other filling options?

There are pros and cons to each type of dental filling. Although tooth-colored fillings offer the best visual aesthetic because they match your natural tooth, other filling types offer their own benefits.

Porcelain: Porcelain fillings are made in a laboratory and are bonded to the tooth. They also look more like your natural teeth than some alternatives.

Tooth-colored fillings are the most natural looking and feeling option for your cavities. If you are suffering from a cavity or believe that you need a filling, give us a call today. We will use tooth-colored fillings to have your smile looking and feeling great again in no time!